December 2023

The great big biomedical science quiz of the year (scroll to the bottom for the answers)

To round off the year, our final cover feature for 2023 is a biomedical science quiz. Following are 10 rounds of questions set by the IBMS Specialist Advisory Panels, which are comprised of experts in their specialist areas who advise the IBMS on science and policy.

Concurrent dna and RNA sequencing testing

Research indicates adding RNA sequencing to germline genetic testing could improve accuracy and clinical sensitivity, compared to DNA sequencing alone.

How to measure improvement in long COVID

Researchers have reached an agreement on how to measure the severity and impact of long COVID by identifying a “Core Outcome Measure Set” (COMS).

Benefits of exercise and the immune system

A new study may offer molecular insights into the connection between exercise and inflammation.

Seize every opportunity

Sarah May, IBMS Deputy Chief Executive, looks back over her career and IBMS achievements in a final editorial before retiring.

My lab: digital pathology service

Rachael Nicholson gives a guided tour of the Medica MedPath Digital Pathology Hub in Runcorn.

Here to help: 13 ways to make things better: training disabled students

To mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Dr Laura Collins, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science at Queen’s University Belfast, reflects upon her personal experiences and shares some thoughts on supporting students with disabilities within the laboratory.

HIV and the “art” of understanding

Biomedical Scientist Carl Onwochei on why we need to stay informed, challenge misinformation and be open to discussion.

First impressions last the longest

Sue Alexander and Denise Cook write about the workshop session they delivered in the support staff strand at this year’s IBMS Congress.

Enter the IBMS Awards

The new and most prestigious accolades for the biomedical science profession are now open for entries.

Supporting POCT in virtual wards

Ian Smith, Head of Laboratory and Clinical Trials at Veritie Group, looks at point-of-care testing and virtual wards in Oxfordshire.