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Microsatellite instability cancer tests

New US research compares the data of newly diagnosed cancer patients who received two different types of tests to determine their course of treatment.

Vaccine for highly fatal tropical disease

In a mouse study, UCLA researchers tested a vaccine against the bacterium that causes melioidosis and found it was highly protective against the disease.

AI can detect COVID-19 in lung ultrasound images

Artificial intelligence can spot COVID-19 in lung ultrasound images, much like facial recognition software can spot a face in a crowd, new research shows.

“NHS needs £8.5 billion yearlycash injection”

The NHS needs an immediate cash injection of around £8.5bn a year over the next four years to make up a £32bn shortfall in funding and help tackle the current crisis. The claim comes in the second report of The BMJ Commission on the Future of the NHS.

News in brief: May 2024

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Novel genetic variants associated with Alzheimer’s disease

New research has identified several genetic variants that may influence Alzheimer’s disease risk, putting researchers one step closer to uncovering biological pathways to target for future treatment and prevention.

Cancer and stress breakthrough

Stress hormones can trigger the formation of structures that make body tissues more susceptible to metastasis, research has found.

Tech news: April 2024

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Under the microscope: bam15

This month: BAM15

Bat swarming and immunity

Bats carry some of the deadliest zoonotic diseases that can infect both humans and animals, such as Ebola and COVID-19.