Sponsored: Time is of the essence in the management of sepsis

Every year, 49 million people acquire sepsis. Time is of the essence for appropriate therapy as the key driver of clinical outcomes.

My lab: antibodymediated autoimmune neurology

A guided tour of the Oxford Autoimmune Neurology Diagnostic Laboratory.

Myths of employing a deaf person

Alexandra Broderick, a Biomedical Scientist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, on misconceptions.

UK standards for microbiology investigations

Chris Ward, IBMS Head of Examinations, and Ruhi Siddiqui, Head of the Standards Unit at the UK Health Security Agency, with the latest updates.

Combating misinformation

The proliferation of online information has made it easier than ever to learn, but also to encounter sources of questionable quality. It’s important to be extra vigilant with online sources as misleading information can have serious consequences for the integrity of our profession and the wellbeing of those seeking career advice.

A history of alcohol consumption

Stephen Mortlock casts an eye back over the history of alcohol, from drunken monkeys to eating dried bull penis as a hangover cure.

Influence and shape policy

IBMS Chief executive David Wells on how the Institute and its members can influence government policy.

My lab: Clinical microbiology service

Senior Biomedical Scientist James Griffiths gives a guided tour of his lab at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.

Faecal immunochemical testing

FIT Navigators at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust explain the test’s role in the Leeds Colorectal Cancer Pathway.

Advanced and consultant practice roles

Sarah May and Chris Ward from the IBMS look at advanced and consultant roles and discuss new developments and qualifications.

The adoption of home testing

IBMS Chief Executive David Wells explains the specialist portfolio review and digital update.