April 2024

Microbiology: Rapid diagnostics, warts and all

David Westrip, Deputy Chair of the British Society for Microbial Technology, outlines some of the key themes from the upcoming BSMT 39th Annual Microbiology Conference.

Why become a UKAS Technical Assessor?

UKAS Healthcare Accreditation Specialist Alyson Bryant gives an insight into what being a Technical Assessor involves.

A history of alcohol consumption

Stephen Mortlock casts an eye back over the history of alcohol, from drunken monkeys to eating dried bull penis as a hangover cure.

Voyage through the colon: The rise of non-invasive diagnostics

Non-invasive testing has come a long way over recent decades. Here we look at a pioneering colon capsule endoscopy project that is underway and cast an eye over the history of this growing field.

Hands using phone social media.Image Credit | iStock

The big question: make the most of social media

This month we ask “In an ever-changing social media landscape, how should you make the most of platforms to promote STEM, your laboratory or your professional profile?”

Cancer and stress breakthrough

Stress hormones can trigger the formation of structures that make body tissues more susceptible to metastasis, research has found.

Equity, diversity and inclusion for all

Jemma Shead, a Senior Biomedical Scientist at Synnovis and IBMS EDI Working Group member, on how and why you should get involved with EDI.

Tech news: April 2024

This month's top tech news stories

Under the microscope: bam15

This month: BAM15

Bat swarming and immunity

Bats carry some of the deadliest zoonotic diseases that can infect both humans and animals, such as Ebola and COVID-19.

Fibroblast cells and pancreatic cancer growth

Older people may be at greater risk of developing pancreatic cancer and have poorer prognoses because of age-related changes in cells in the pancreas called fibroblasts, it is claimed.