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Tech news: August 2023

This month's top tech news stories


Fingernail Scanning

A pioneering scanning device can instantly reveal an individual’s risk of type 2 diabetes through a non-invasive fingernail reading, according to the results of two new studies published at the American Diabetes Association annual meeting. The Glyconics-DS TM device – similar in size to a mobile phone – offers an instant needle-free alternative to the traditional diabetes blood test. Affordable, portable and environmentally sustainable, it enables large-scale screenings for diabetes in any location.

FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific

IVF Clinical Decision making

FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific has announced the addition of the Life Whisperer Genetics module to its Life Whisperer software package, which was launched in 2021. It enables non-invasive evaluation of embryo genetic integrity during in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Life Whisperer Genetics used in conjunction with Life Whisperer Viability uniquely aids in the clinical selection of blastocysts that may have a greater likelihood of being euploid and resulting in pregnancy using a single platform.

MinervaX ApS

Group B Streptococcus

MinervaX ApS, a biotechnology company developing a novel, prophylactic vaccine against Group B Streptococcus (GBS), has announced the completion of enrolment and initial dosing in its Phase 1, clinical vaccine trial in older adults. MinervaX has expanded the development pipeline of its novel GBS vaccine to include older adults, addressing the global burden and urgent need for the development of a vaccine to prevent and reduce deaths associated with GBS across the population. MinervaX is currently progressing two Phase II clinical vaccine trials for the prevention of life-threatening infections in newborns.

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Doctor's hands vaccinating a woman stock photo CREDIT-iStock-1444188743

A universal vaccine?

Scientists have demonstrated a new, RNA-based vaccine strategy that is effective against any strain of a virus and can be used safely even by babies and the immunocompromised.

Two Scientist Microscope images and video- istock-1363238207

Enzymes open new path to universal donor blood

The quest to develop universal donor blood has taken a decisive step forward, it is claimed.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria - CREDIT - Science-Photolibrary-f0280202

New five-year plan to combat antimicrobial resistance

The government’s national action plan will commit the UK to reducing its use of antimicrobials – such as antibiotics, antifungals and antivirals – in humans and animals, strengthen surveillance of drug-resistant infections before they emerge and incentivise industry to develop the next generation of treatments.


Sponsored: Time is of the essence in the management of sepsis

Every year, 49 million people acquire sepsis. Time is of the essence for appropriate therapy as the key driver of clinical outcomes.