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News in brief: June 2024

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Tech round up: June 2024

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Telomere findings may offer insights

A new study shows that an enzyme called PARP1 is involved in repair of telomeres – the lengths of DNA that protect the tips of chromosomes – and that impairing this process can lead to telomere shortening and genomic instability that can cause cancer.

Lungs - Bronchial Mucus Causing Airway Obstruction. credit_istock-174950787

Under the microscope: mucus

This month: Mucus

Lungs - Bronchial Mucus Causing Airway Obstruction. credit_istock-174950787

Under the microscope: mucus

Why are we putting mucus under the microscope?

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A universal vaccine?

This new strategy would eliminate the need to create all these different shots to target subvariants, because it targets a part of the viral genome that is common to all strains of a viru

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Enzymes open new path to universal donor blood

Swedish researchers have discovered that when enzymes are mixed with red blood cells they are able to remove specific sugars that make up the A and B antigens in the human ABO blood group

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Predictive model for tumour-killing cells

Combined with additional algorithms, the predictive model can be applied to personalised cancer treatments that tailor therapy to the unique cellular makeup of each patient's tumours.

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AI can detect COVID-19 in lung ultrasound images

The findings bring healthcare professionals closer to being able to quickly diagnose patients with COVID-19 and other pulmonary diseases with algorithms that comb through ultrasound image

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“NHS needs £8.5 billion yearlycash injection”

John Appleby, Director of Research and Chief Economist at the Nuffield Trust, and colleagues argue that, “it is clear that an immediate priority should be given to investment that will su

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News in brief: May 2024


Identifying non-culturable Legionella with sequencing

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Novel genetic variants associated with Alzheimer’s disease

The study utilised whole-genome sequencing and identified 17 significant variants associated with Alzheimer’s disease in five genomic regions.